Where we make a difference!

Local decisions are good decisions


Our entire Group is characterised by a linear organisation, one where our employees have many opportunities to be heard. We trust each other, show resourcefulness, build relations and are constantly one step ahead. We therefore also cultivate our own management style, and have an approach to leadership and employee empowerment that’s unique in the industry. The fundamental principle is that the best decisions are made where they are going to be implemented.

Many skilled specialists work in our organisation today, and together we have broad, far-reaching experience in the world of public transport. Alongside colleagues from various other industries, we now have an excellent Nordic team who love everything about public transport.

In our work approach and in our decision-making process, our efforts are always grounded in our vision: Your Journey. Our responsibility. Other pivotal aspects of our work method are of course our core values and service promise – We are here for you – which is central to everything we do


We love working as a team and having fun

We place great emphasis on looking after our employees, and building a pioneering yet caring culture. Vi spiller hverandre gode – We make each other better as the saying goes in Norway.

Going to work should also be fun. That’s why we focus on providing an empowering corporate culture, founded on initiative and responsibility. In the UK, this means for instance that our employees stay in the company for a long time; just over ten years on average.

Looking for public transport heroes

We are always on the lookout for good, skilled employees who can bring new knowledge and mindsets to the company. Above all we are seeking people who truly believe they can make a difference to public transport. Here, you have a unique opportunity to make the public transport experience even better for our passengers and business partners. So if you’re a public transport hero who wants to make a difference – we’d love to hear from you!



Although we primarily recruit based on skills and knowledge, we are also keen to ensure diversity in our workforce. Diversity and consideration go without saying: everybody should be able to work and thrive with us. We treat all our passengers with the same respect, and do the same with our employees, naturally.

Innovation and fresh thinking will take us into the future
Public transport is a key element in responding to the challenges of climate change and a sustainable society in the future. Even so the industry is, in many ways, a traditional one, and this is why Go-Ahead is on the leading edge when it comes to exploiting the potentials of technology. We want to be an active company.

If we are to develop our operation, use fewer resources and make the journey better for our passengers and business partners, we must use all the tools available to us.