Innovation and innovative thinking take us to the future

Public transport is a key element in responding to the challenges of climate change and a sustainable society in the future. Even so the industry is, in many ways, a traditional one. We want more, and this is why Go-Ahead is on the leading edge when it comes to exploiting the potentials of technology. We want to be an active company.
If we are to develop our operation, use fewer resources and make the journey better for our passengers, we must use all the tools available to us.

Transport solutions of the future – we have a mission

At Go-Ahead, we devote a lot of time and energy to better understanding our passengers’ future needs. Therefore, intensive development takes place in the Group, assisted by related, existing and new industries.
We play an important role in supporting social and economic growth in society. We develop and provide good, well-developed public transport – bringing people together and getting them where they want to go. This is turn enables access to education, higher employment and quality of life.
We call it Sharing Best Practice. This involves a daily exchange of information, as well as systematic development, throughout the organisation, of the most successful methods – wherever in the world they were established. It relates to processes for safety and sustainability, as well as unique methods and tried and tested means of keeping our transport running – and for dealing with any disruptions which are, after all, unavoidable.

At Go-Ahead Group, we are currently working on a range of solutions to make public transport more competitive, sustainable and integrated.

Some of our innovation projects


Billion Journey Project

In 2017, Go-Ahead launched the Billion Journey Project , a proof of concept lab programme.
It is the largest of its kind in the UK. The programme was developed with the ambition of helping start-ups and scale-ups implement their products across the rail and bus industry.

During two cohorts, 20 companies were offered technical assistance and mentorship from our team of transport experts. 10 companies who were looking to change and shape the future of transport by focusing on improving passenger experience were offered contracts.

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Oxford PickMeUp

In 2018 we launched PickMeUp, the UK’s most ambitious demand responsive bus service, allowing passengers to summon a pick up to a virtual bus stop using a new mobile app.

The service, which is being piloted by  Oxford Bus Company, aims to meet the changing needs of people and to reduce congestion.

In the first year more than 140,000 rides were taken with the app downloaded 25,000 times. Due to the initial success, two extra vehicles were added along with the expansion of the area.


Future of transport. We’re on a mission

At Go-Ahead, we’re on a mission to better understand our commuters, with a view to improving their wellbeing and overall health. We believe the key lies in people embracing ‘active travel’.

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At the end of 2017, Hammock, a new Go-Ahead company, was established to deliver consultancy, retail and digital solutions for public transport.

It seeks to leverage Go-Ahead’s strong expertise in delivering innovative retailing and digital solutions across public transport, making travel easier for customers and local authorities. To date, we have won two contracts with a local authority, commercialising our expertise in smart ticketing and payment solutions.

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The Go-Ahead Group is proud to be an active player in the Nordic transport market. Our buses and trains connect towns and cities across southern Norway and Sweden, and we are committed to delivering outstanding service to our customers.

As an international transport company, Go-Ahead brings enormous experience and insights from around the world to the Nordics. Yet our companies are locally run, by managers with a depth of understanding about the communities we serve.

We understand the market, we’re ambitious to grow and we are excited about the opportunities ahead to grow our business across the Nordic region.

Martin Jacobsen

CEO, Go-Ahead Nordic