A long-term run for the Nordic market

Go-Ahead Nordic is an umbrella organization for the British Go-Ahead Group’s investment in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. Here, we are working to create a complete network of the partners essential for continue winning and operating public transport contracts in a sustainable way.

In October we won our first train contact in Norway, in great competition with a number of established players. The contract includes traffic between Oslo and Stavanger on the Sørlandsbanen, Arendalsbanen and Jærbanen, the later in collaboration with Kolumbus. Right now we are working intensively with our mobilization in Norway to be ready for traffic start on December 15, 2019.

We have also established a strong bus team that will work with bus offers in Sweden. To support us in our work we have our colleagues in the UK who have long experience of bus traffic and are, in terms of passenger volume, the largest operator of bus traffic in London

A world where every journey is taken care of

To fulfil Go-Ahead’s vision of a world where every journey is taken care of, we trust people, demonstrate power of action, build relationships and are constantly one step ahead. This way, we have already become very successful in the UK.

Public transport is a highly complex business involving very many people. To succeed, adopting a collaborative approach for a wide range of players is essential – including everybody from contracting entities, subcontractors and other operators, to passengers, authorities, municipalities, regions and other stakeholders.

And, of course, our own employees.

Local decisions are good decisions

For this reason, Go-Ahead is cultivating a leadership style with a view of leadership and employee power that is unique in our industry. It is based on the understanding that the more the decisions are taken where they will be applied, the better the result. Understanding local conditions increases the ability to implement good and sustainable business.

Subsequently, our local companies have far-reaching powers and responsibilities. This local decisiveness also promotes Go-Ahead’s employees’ unusually strong commitment to our mission.

A long-term commitment

Another aspect of our corporate culture is the long-term perspective; we want to build strong partnerships rather than solely contractual relationships. With distinct and communal goals it is also much easier to do the right things – and to follow up on how we are managing our commitment.

We have already acted this way many years in Britain, where we are a reputable spearhead player in an industry with a great need for further development. This is also why we are so keen on cultivating a spirit of curiosity and pioneering in all employees – and a leadership style based on trust, a coaching attitude and substantial personal responsibility.

Our way of working also means that most of the participants involved in developing and acquiring new contracts also are the ones implementing and running the business – also when the ink has dried and we are approaching the start of the contract. From experience, we know that this is what gives the best result.

Get in touch!

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E-mail: magnus.hedin@go-ahead.com

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