A leading British public transport operator

Go-Ahead is Britain’s busiest rail operator and the largest bus operator in London. Every year we deliver more than one billion passenger journeys.

We are a listed company with long-term owners and many exciting assignments. Among other things, we have three major train contracts in Britain and run half of the red buses in London. The Group has 29,000 employees.

However, the opportunities for winning additional shares of our domestic markets are limited. and we are looking to broaden our markets. Thus, we have entered Germany and Singapore, and of course we are looking at other markets too. We see great opportunities in the Nordic countries, with its well-developed public transport system, which still have the potential to grow and develop further.

A company that wants to make a difference

We believe that Go-Ahead can make a difference. In particular, the Group can contribute with experience, expertise and resources to complement the local organization that we are building in the Nordic countries. We have also developed unique methods and best practices to keep the traffic running and to to handle the disturbances that still are inevitable. At the same time, we are convinced that there is much for the British business to learn from the Nordic experiences.

The Go-Ahead Group in numbers

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